City of St.Gallen

The city of St.Gallen is the capital of the canton with the same name in the east of Switzerland and is only a few kilometres away from Lake Constance.

The origins of the city are closely interwoven with those of the St.Gallen monastery: Built in 719 as a monastic hermitage, the St.Gallen monastery with its imposing, double-towered cathedral has become one of Europe’s most important spiritual centres. The Abbey Library, built in 1758, is a tourist attraction and destination and has one of the most stunning historical reading rooms in the world. The Abbey District of St.Gallen has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1983.

The city has a rich past and present in the textile sector, is a university town and the headquarters of various nationally and internationally successful companies.

Last but not least, eastern Switzerland is also one of the centres for ballooning in Switzerland.

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